How Call Coaching Works

If you have call coaching enabled on your account, here is how it works:

To call coach:

1. Select and expand the "Directory" within PowerCall, as shown.

2. If an agent is in green, you may click on their name to a) listen to the call, 2) speak on their call (also referred to as barge), or whisper to them without the customer hearing you.

3. Clicking their name reveals the listen button, as shown.

4. Clicking Listen enables you to start listening to the call, and reveals the options to Speak, Whisper, or Exit, as shown.

Some helpful tips for call coaching:

1. Refreshing the directory (by clicking out of it and then back into it) is your friend! It takes a little time to update your reps' call status if you've got it open. But if you refresh the directory, the agent's call status (green/orange) refreshes to real time! It is best to always do this just prior to call coaching.

2. When you're in Whisper mode, you and your rep can hear each other and the customer, but the customer cannot hear you. The Exit button will put you back into Listen mode, and enable your rep to talk to the customer again.

3. When you're in Speak mode, pressing Exit will bring you back to Listen mode. 


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